Glow In The Dark Series

Our glow-in-the-dark Studio Ghibli screen prints were created for Bottleneck Gallery’s “When The Lights Go Off” exhibitions in New York.

The prints combines a ligne claire style with an architectural flourish. Rather than simply producing a glowing version of the design, the intention was to use the glow-in-the-dark ink to add a different layer of meaning to the print when the lights go off.

Portfolio Image

Spirited Away: Carpe Diem Carpe Noctem

During the day, Chihiro looks worriedly away from an ominously calm bath house. During the night, Chihiro is greeted by a grinning No-Face and the bathhouse comes to life with the silhouettes of many of the characters from the film seen in the windows.

Portfolio Image

My Neighbour Totoro: Semper Fortis Semper Fidilis

This image sees Satsuki and her younger sister Mei waving merrily as a giant Totoro flies past over head. During the night, a grinning Catbus sits above the Kusakabe’s “East-Meets-West” style abode, whilst Tetsuo Kusakabe, shown in silhouette, wonders what his daughters are getting up to.

Portfolio Image

Princess Mononoke: Mors Incerta Vita Incerta

During the day, this print sees San and Ashitaka in the middle of an altercation as the Shishigami Forest Spirit looks on. During the night, the Shishigami transforms into its glowing Nightwalker form, whilst a group of kodama forest spirits huddle playfully in the trees.

Portfolio Image

Howl’s Moving Castle: Nil Desperandum Nil Admirari

During the day, this print sees Howl’s Moving Castle soaring through the sky despite its impossible weight. During the night, the Castle comes to life as the main characters from the film take up residence in various parts of the building.